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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas 2009!

Here's a little taste of my Christmas this year!

All looks very traditional and jolly doesn't it?

Well, maybe aside from the pic of Wills in his new slipper?

If I'm honest though I will be glad to get back to normal and put this all behind me.
Not that I haven't had a lovely stay with Grannywen and Papajohn, and they have given Harry, Wills and I some lovely gifts, but I have actually felt quite alone this Christmas and didn't quite drink enough wine to get through it all without a tear shed here and there,
on my own!!

Having survived a very soggy drive down on Weds night, Christmas Eve was spent in a flurry of activity trying to buy some cat litter!!!? The ratties festive retreat required some specialist litter so as not to upset their delicate little noses, but within 5 mins of them settling in to the comfy new slipper that Granny provided them with, they were asleep and couldn't have cared less!!
I was somewhat dismayed to find that even before lunch on Christmas Eve the local garden centre had removed Christmas in a wasteland of broken decs and spilled glitter. The whole festive display was being dismantled and packaged up for 'The Sale', which made it all seem really rather sad!
We hadn't even had Christmas yet???
Somehow though it just seemed to confirm the backdrop for my own lack of festive spirit this year.

Christmas day was the usual morning potter about, followed by lunch, the Queen and then pressies! I had a lovely new professional tripod having broken my smaller one earlier this year and some crafty stuff, and the boys had snuggle tunnels and treats galore!! We were very lucky! It was all very lovely, just my little family, (who I love dearly) but just a bit too quiet for me!

Boxing Day was rescued slightly by an evening visit to a work chum who was also in the area visiting with her family. Family fortunes games and frivolity ensued and it was a very merry evening, but again just highlighted my loneliness on the way back afterwards!

Today I have spent more precious craft tokens on the ratties - and have bought them a new mini sized cage which will be both a travelling carriage and a weekender! They don't realise how lucky they are and how much I have had to consider when purchasing just the right thing for them, but I couldn't put them through the torture of the travelling cardboard box again. Spoilt little ratties!!!

Am off back to the city tomorrow as am due back to work on Tuesday. As much as I don't relish the next ten days at work at least I will be too busy to feel anything other than really really tired!!

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brenda said...

Hello Sarah

Plesed to see you scrapping and suriving what must have been a very difficult few days for you.

Sending you love and ((((hugs)))).

B x