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Saturday, 19 December 2009


After a 16 hour shift yesterday (which was on top of a hangover from our office do the previous night) I am now on my hols!!!
No more work til the 29th!!
NOT that I feel Christmassy yet in any shape or form even with all the lovely snow around!

In fact, if I'm honest the snow is annoying me somewhat. I have a lot of travelling to do over the next few days, in various different directions and all this weather is causing me concern that I will
a) not be able to get where I need to go
b) not be able to get back
c) be in the wrong place when I get snowed in (although none of the places I am going would be all that bad if I were to get stuck there, but need to be somewhere special for Christmas!!)

So, I guess I am still a bit bah humbug but in a very cheerful sort of way, but still
the weather means I have no signal on my tv!
Foxy is curled up asleep in the back garden but nowhere that I can get a good photo of him from the window!!
Harry and Wills have created utter carnage in their cage shredding up all their boxes and have bullied the igloo down onto the poop deck - I think I had better get them a new one, they are too big now to both fit into it anyway!

The little fella in my LO was a fave from my childhood, and reminds me very much of Wills. They both love to hide things away and Will's cleptomania is increasing daily - I never realised my handbag was such a treasure trove!!?


Blasé said...

I like the way you express yourself with ABCs

debby4000 said...

Brilliant layout.
Hope you manage to get to where you need to go.

Lynda said...

Beautiful and colourful layout Sarah. I really hope you have a lovely Christmas and get to the places you want to be.

Love Lynda xxx

brenda said...

Another super l/o Sarah.

Know just what you mean about travelling, we have come to the conlusion that the Council have a salt economy drive on because the roads and pavements are all appaling.

Hope you can have a peaceful Christmas and that the New Year will be better for you.

B x

Amber said...

Beautiful LO Sarah! Perfect for the "A True Friend" challenge! Wills is adorable! Great photos of all your animal friends!

Anna said...

Brilliant LO Sarah! Love it! lol at the 'A Will finds a way sticker'
Did I mention that I used to have pet rats called Reggie and Ronnie? :D Will's such a cutie ...