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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Playing in the garden

I hope you are all having a great weekend?
What funny weather we are having? It is warm but not really sunny apart from a few vain attempts by the sun trying to show his face, and as usual the promised rain didn't materialise!!

I wouldn't mind but I ummmmed and arrrgghed about what to do this weekend and it was all weather dependant, so now I have not done very much because it constantly looked like it was going to rain and then didn't!!

I did manage to get in the Zone and will be returning shortly - anything to avoid the piles of ironing and mountains of dust that I ought to be wading through instead. And I did manage to play in the garden for a wee while too, watering and tidying up my new potted plants...........
the Lily is in full bloom now and looks gorgeous, although my patio rose looks somewhat the worse for wear - I have re potted it in an attempt to save it so fingers crossed!

The LO is from the ratty playdate we had in Grannywen's garden, not the last visit but the one before that. I have so many cute pics of the boys as it made such a change to see them out and about in the daylight - so much easier to photograph!  I'm sorry if I bore you with them over the next few LO's!! This one shows little Wills, not feeling very adventurous, and deciding to play camp rather than play in the pool!

We had a residents BBQ in the main garden last night - very entertaining, and courtesy of two girls who have recently moved in. It was amazing - I met neighbours whom I didn't know existed and found out some interesting facts about those that I did!
Apparently someone upstairs keeps ferrets (which made me giggle thinking about my trial the other week, and sadly couldn't explain to my new chums why I was giggling), and apparently one escaped last week and there was a huge caper as everyone was trying to catch it as it cavorted round the garden????

I kept quiet about my little friend snoozing indoors..............



debby4000 said...

Oh fab layout Sarah, love the pic of Wills.

Lynda said...

Oh Sarah I am so sorry to hear about Wills - I missed your post with being away and am only just managing to catch up. Hope you're ok and Harry too! A great LO and a great reminder of what a cheeky chappie he was! Take care.

Love Lynda xxx

lisa said...

The weather is being very un Summery isn't it. We went to a Wedding on Saturday and it was raining on the way but the sun came out for the photos, how lucky was that!!
Your pots are looking lovely. My stargazer lily is just coming out, shows the difference in the temperature between London and chilly Yorkshire!!!!
Your BBQ sounds fun. What a great way to meet your neighbours.
Hope your week goes well. We are off on our travels next weekend so I'll catch up with you when we get back!!
Hugs Lisax