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Friday, 26 November 2010

Go Go Go!

Hello all.  How are you in this cold / snowy weather?
I have to admit that I am still in my PJ's again!!! Yes I know, lazy moo, but in my defence I didn't finish work until 4am this morning, so have ruined my day off by having to sleep thru most of it!!!
Looking out on my patio it looks very very cold and frosty and I can see some of my lovely potted plants have suffered with the frost. Mr Squirrel is looking for nuts in the grass but I haven't thrown them out yet so he will just have to be patient!!!

So, what's new? Another busy week, which included a baby shower, some very exciting travel news and a panic about some required rat sitting! Next Sunday I have to go away for work. It's a BIG trip and I will tell you about it later but I need to organise a visit to GrannyWen for some long term rat care - not sure how she will feel about that as it will involve more than just talking to my boys thru the cage - she will have to get them out to play or they will go nuts!! I can see the panic in her face now and she frets in case they wee on her carpet!!!
I also need to contact the people I need to visit on my trip and organise where we are going to stay - and plan how to sort myself out as we get back on the Friday and then I go on another little weekend away - Lille and Bruges Christmas markets on the Saturday morning!!
It's all go go go here in the rat house, co's then I am back at work and then back to Grannywens for an early Christmas weekend and then back to work as I am working over Christmas and New Year - oh gosh - I am exhausted just thinking about it all!!!

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