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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Lazy Sunday afternoon.......

Not for me!!
I have just got back from work and am trying desperately not to be ill and to stay awake til 9pm for Downton Abbey!!
Hope you've all had a great weekend, mine has passed fairly uneventfully for a work one but I just feel really cack! Am trying not to let a raspy sore throat turn into anything worse.

Here is another LO from the Getaway except that I have altered it quite a bit upon returning home as I didn't like the one we made (sorry Sheena). We learnt how to make waterfall cards (useful later for cards) but we used it as a place for hidden journalling on the LO and I just thought it looked too bulky so pulled it off and just used one of the journalling shapes instead. This is now much more my style but will use what I learnt on something else so it wasn't wasted!

The photograph is from my walk on Hampstead Heath (hi Brenda) back in September. Gosh that seems like a long time ago now........... I showed it to Kirsty Wiseman and she didn't believe me that it was a random old man on the heath and not my grandad or someone I knew!! I tried to explain that all my photos are either scenery or ratties but I'm not sure she was convinced!!?

Anyway am off now as I think my lamb casserole is burning in the oven.


Polly said...

Ace layout and nicely customised, but where is the crackle accents???????

Lynda said...

A great layout Sarah and it's all about making it yours so you did the right thing to change bits around. Look after yourself and try and keep well - hope the sore throat doesn't turn into anything nastier.

Love Lynda xxx

brenda said...

Any sightings of Bernie and George ?

I so wish I could create lovely l/o's like tis, but somehow they never turn out like I plan.

B x

lisa said...

Ohh poor you. I hope your're feeling a bit better after a good night's sleep. Everyone seems to be sufferring with one thing or another at the minute.
I remember you taking this photo and it looks brilliant in the LO. I love that blue paper. It's funny how somthing that's not you annoys on a page isn't it. I like what you've done. I know I try things and am not sure and they bug me for ages until I alter them.
Have a good week.
Hugs Lisax

Lean said...

ooo i missed this one great picture and a beautiful page it is.