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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Harry who?

Just a quickie today as I am off to work this afternoon for a late shift! I haven't been up long as I had a really bad nights sleep - my doorbell was rung repeatedly at about 1 am and eventually I had to get up to see who was there - supposedly a pizza delivery guy who got sent away with a HUGE flea in his ear! Seriously - you don't realise how odd this is - my flat is tucked away, off the main road and even my postman usually forgets it there - so how did this delivery man find it?? It was all very odd and my suspicious detective head wonders if it really was a delivery guy - I only heard his voice on the intercom, and he was a bit odd, so I sat up for a bit waiting for him to try to break in the back door!!

on a lighter note........

Here's a quick LO I made on Sunday - couldn't resist with all the current Harry Potter hype about at the moment - sorry!
Have a great day xxx


brenda said...

Hiyya Sarah

Perhaps it was the same guy who rang me last Saturday evening to say he was ourside with my Asda delivey.

One I've never shopped at Asda and two we live on a single track road to nowhere and suprise surprise, not a delivery van in sight when I looked.

A great l/o as ever, super rich colours.

B x

Lynda said...

I'd have been a little freaked out too at that time of morning. Keep yourself safe! Your layout is a great tribute to HP.

Love Lynda xxx

Sheena said...

Great Lo Sarah x
Have you seen the film ?

lisa said...

You were brave to answer at that time of night!!!
A great layout, I LOVE your title!!!!!
Glad I made you smile.
Hugs Lisax