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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bouncing into spring?

Or so I thought yesterday?
Today however I am not so sure, gone has the sun and the grey wetness has returned!!
I got very inspired yesterday, after queuing yet again at the sorting office in the morning I then decided that I couldn't bare to be indoors so spent a few hours pottering on my patio and transformed all the dead pot plants that didn't survive the winter and looked like this.....
into healthy tidy looking pots like this!!
It took ages as I have lots of little stones and glass beads in the tops of my pots and had to fish them all out and wash them. 
I even managed a quick trip to Homebase to buy some little bulbs to plant in them! My patio looks much tidier now and I can't wait to watch the bulbs grow. 

Today's LO is one using a photo from my pre Crimbo trip to Bruges. I loved the historic town and pretty buildings. It was especially Christmassy with festive music being played through little speakers in most of the streets............right up until they started to play 'Rabbit" by Chas n Dave??? I couldn't believe my ears and looked round to find someone else as shocked as I was - sadly I don't think anyone else noticed! Of course I had to photograph the street and make a LO out it!!
Right off into the Zone now, I need to make a couple of cards for people and I might even manage to scrap too??

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