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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Some more from the BIG apple!

 Another quick post as I have just got home and am giving the boys a wee run about before I go to bed!!
Here's another of my USA LO's, this one about one of the Detectives who looked after us during our stay.
Andrea was a top cop! Think Sarah Jessica Parker with a gun!! Awesome! Even her designer handbag had a secret pouch to keep her gun secure - love it!!
Needless to say my colleague whom I travelled with fell instantly in lust with her!! Bless him!

Not much to report today - I am ashamed to be British after watching the appalling behaviour of the anarchists in the city today. A peaceful protest that went remarkably well was ruined by those few mindless morons who think nothing of the consequences of their actions and the cost of repairing the damage!!
Enough said!

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