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Friday, 18 March 2011

Can you tell me.........?

why it is that if I finish my working shift on a late shift (and have booked an extra day off to extend my weekend) that I can guarantee that I will end up finishing in the wee hours of the morning rather than 11pm???
Last night was no exception, so I had to endure the dreadful drunken night bus home too, full of green coloured St Pat's celebrators - not great when you are tired and sober and have not had to buy a bus ticket! Should have just tattooed "TARGET" on my forehead instead!
Apart from that, this week was a good one - I was at court for most of it, and am currently sat hoping/waiting/praying for a guilty verdict.
Next week promises to be equally as good - it doesn't start until Tuesday and I have a Royal, yes Royal engagement to attend too! Will tell you more about it afterwards, but suffice to say I am very excited!!

Today's weather has put me off doing very much, and I am quite tired, so not sure of my plans for the weekend - its meant to improve so may try to head off for a day with my camera. Am desperately trying to keep myself away from Olympia 2 and the crafting delights that my purse can't afford. May just have to stay here and use up old stash for a while longer??
Today's LO is from my pre Xmas USA work trip. We did get a day off and popped up to Manhattan - well you have to don't you, and I got to meet this guy - how cool!!
Have a great weekend!


Lynda said...

You're not doing too bad with the 'old stash' so save your pennies! Love this fun filled layout Sarah. Enjoy your weekend.

Love Lynda xxx

lisa said...

Sounds like a horrid journey home and I don't envy you the time either, although I was up at 4.45am this morning, yes on a Saturday, to see my MIL go up in a hot air balloon, but more of that on my blog later, surfice to say at 8.30pm I'm ready for my bed. Have been spending my craft pennies though today at the Harrogate Paper Show. Sorry, that's a naughty word if you're being very good and not spending yours.
I love your LO of Sesame Street. You always use such lovely colour.
I hope the weather has been kinder for you today, it's been lovely here for the last two but supposed to be cloudy tomorrow. Oh well,musn't be greedy.
Enjoy your long weekend and I hope you manage to get out with your camera.
Hugs Lisax

Miss Smith said...

Night bus = yuck, definitely.

Love the page, especially all the embellishments!