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Friday, 11 March 2011


Comes in many shapes and forms!
I'm happy that it's Friday!!
I'm happy that I'm not working this weekend!
I'm happy that I get to visit lots of lovely inspiring blogs so that when I get in the Zone tomorrow I am full of ideas and inspiration!
I'm happy that I am sat with a lovely big glass of wine!
I'm happy to have some great friends, life sized and the mini ones!
I'm happy that my friend Polly has given birth to her first beautiful daughter!
I'm happy that the Craft Superstore has a sale on Promarkers!
I'm happy that my friend at work gave me a yummy cupcake today!
I'm happy that I realised that I had forgotten to put up the ratty gate and Barney had only got as far as the hall, embarking on his great adventure, before I caught him!
But mostly I am just happy to be here!
Have a happy weekend everyone!


lisa said...

And I am happy that you visited me today and left such lovely comment as always and I'm happy to count you as a blogging buddy and I'm very happy that you seem really happy now, Sarah.
Enjoy your weekend whatever you do and that big glass of wine, you lucky thing!!
Hugs Lisax

Lynda said...

...and I ditto everything Lisa has said - it's good to be happy isn't it. Love the layout and the way the butterflies are flying out of the picture. Have a fab weekend.

Love Lynda xxx