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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Seven deadly sins - Sloth!

Happy Sunday to you all.
Having stuck my head in around a few blogs it seems that you have all been very busy and productive and have had some great weekends!
I have been a complete lazy arse and done very little!
Part of me is disgusted at myself for wasting three lovely days off, but the rest of me, the bigger part that actually controls my actions has said, no, you obviously needed to rest and so that is what you have done! Stop beating yourself up about it!!!

I completed all my chores on Friday with the view that I could then go out and play if I wanted, but Saturday was spent in cyberspace (the only place I can afford to travel to at the moment), and watching BBC iplayer to catch up on two episodes of Silk (so I could lust over Rupert Penry-Jones)!!

Today has been slightly better, I finished all the ratty bed washing, found some sunlight to photograph previously made LO's, washed the kitchen floor and actually made it into the Zone and have completed four new LO's!! Go me!
I have eaten a very yummy garlic roast chicken, discovered how to make home made sangria and drunk it all and NOT managed to go for a run !
I feel very satisfied in my slothiness  :)

Today's LO therefore is one about travel, (well sort of) - something I can daydream over but not actually contemplate at the moment, unless it is down to visit Grannywen, but what with petrol costing what it does at the moment, even that is causing me worry??? Therefore I am smug in the knowledge that my three day weekend cost me absolutely nothing, but I have rested, roasted, loafed and scrapped!


debby4000 said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend and like your inner self told you, you probably needed it too.
Love the you layout and all the fabby details.

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

Yet to watch Silk, have it recorded, but missed the first one anyhow due to power cut.

Sounds a good way to spend the weekend and look at the fab l/o.

B x