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Monday, 17 August 2009

Just hangin' around!!

Well I managed a very  quiet happy scrappy weekend thank you, got quite a few LO's made and have almost finished the journalling for my mini book.
I also managed to put some bits for sale on Ebay and of course ended up buying a few bits too.

The weather was quite hot and sunny in places so in between hanging out loads of washing I also managed to sit out for a few hours to get some colour to my pathetic pasty skin.

BM was working so it was all very peaceful here and a bit of a shock going back into work today. Have been very busy today and due to a colleague having problems with her recent eye surgery I am now on call tonight as well. Kep your fingers crossed for me that the phone doesn't ring and I get a good nights sleep?


BND said...

What fun! So nonchalent too. Like the sequence of photos.

Helen said...

Wow what a great LO!