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Saturday, 8 August 2009


Things are never straightforward are they?
 At least they never seem to be in my world.
Not only did I have two, yes two whole holidays waiting to be scrapped, yes I know - poor me? But just as I sat down to start planning what and how to do it my printer decided to churn and grind and do anything but print out my pictures for me!


An hour or so later, after much t'internet surfing instead of scrapping I decided on a new printer and where to buy it from. The plan was to go  somewhere local so that I didn't waste any more valuable scrapping time. However by then it was bed time so no other choice but to go to bed!

The following morning I set off to Fulham (being the nearest PC World and chosen printer was a whole pound cheaper there than Tesco) to listen to a spotty teenager try to flog me some extras that I didn't want along with my overpriced ink. 
Lovely journey, roof off the car, sun out, only took about 15 mins, but shock horror - all the stock had been shipped next door to Curry's whilst PC World was a building site!!! Not only that, but there was bugger all left in the shop, certainly not the sexy little all-in-one I was after!!!
Nothing for it but to brave the hideousness that is the Purley Way, so off I set, tunes a humming, tan a glowing and after a sweaty hour sat in traffic I had purchased my precious and was battling my way home.

Mojo was then a flowing, pictures were a printing and I bravely decided to commence battle with my nemesis - the mini book! 
Ha! That's what I thought!
 I had purchased a suitable kit style mini book whilst on hols and thought it would be perfect/easy for the task of holiday No1. But no, could I get anything to look right, or choose the right size photo to use? Of course not. The mini book beat me hands down and I flung it on the side in exasperation and returned to the safety of a 12 x 12 page and its lovely flowing edges waiting for me to sprinkle them with zone magic. True to recent form the shaped cardstock appeared as if by magic to rescue me from mini book hell and here are a couple to be getting along with.

These are from holiday No2. and a trip to MonkeyWorld, ( yes, more like meet the inlaws ), and were crying out to be immortalised in 12 x 12. We had a great time, even Grannywen who was invited to join us, and it wasn't just at the oooh looks like you jokes. The giant swing, supplied for both types of monkeys were great fun (for both types of monkeys) although we never saw the other lot using them!! And the Orangutan's were a delight, such similarities to my pair of orangeys! This little one had a great time playing with a blanket, remind you of anyone?

Loads more to scrap, catch you soon


lisa said...

Hi Sarah.
Isn't that just typical. Nothing is ever straight forward when it comes to technology is it. Glad you got things sorted as you Layouts are fabulous. The first one is so colourful and I'm glad to see a lady after my own heart who can get as many photos as possible on one page.
Your second one is great too. I love that scalloped shape and your titling is fab.
Can't wait to see more.


Emma said...

great lo'S! love the white flowers in the 2nd one, glad your printer is now sorted