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Saturday, 22 August 2009

I want one!

Just a quickie, have just endured the longest most boring 12 hours at work - EVER!!!

I am so tired I fell asleep in the bus coming home!

Am just cooking some tea and then it's off to the land of nod for me - gotta be up again at sparrow fart!!!!

I love these photos - BIG Monkey took them and he's not so keen behind the lens as he is at goofing off in front of it!  That said he did a really good job this day and I am eternally grateful to him. (And I love him loads for it but don't tell him!!)
Not sure what was going on with the LO though? I had an idea and then it kind of exploded all over the page? I think I may try this one again sometime soon? Would still love to have a cuddly soft soft soft chinchilla to cuddle all the time please? Dear santa............................xxx

1 comment:

Santa said...

Dear Sarah

I have seen your christmas list and that along with stash, stash and more stash you now also want a chichilla. In the current credit crunch production in my factory is slow so i can make no promises to you. However, if you are a good girl, and do all the washing up between now and the big day I will see what I can do.

Love Santa