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Monday, 31 August 2009

No sun fun!

Sounds like a chinese proverb that doesn't it? Should be the new mantra for UK Bank Holidays! Anyway here are some more LO's from my Bank Holiday scrapathon - I managed to make 5 more yesterday and a birthday card for Big Monkey, whilst singing along to films like Dirty Dancing and The Bodyguard, sad I know but I don't schedule the TV listings, they must know there are die hard romantics like me who will watch them!!

Anyway, the sun has popped out today although it is not the 28 degrees that the weatherman promised, surprise surprise!! One last bit of washing to do and yes, I am planning another day in The Zone, well for a bit anyway, will have to have a siesta later as I am working night shift tonight. Who knows what chaos that will bring after the last day of Notting Hill Carnival? Keep your fingers crossed for me.


brenda said...

Hi Sarah

As you say, typical UK banak holiday weather. But seems we were both of the same mind and buckled down to some serious crafting.

Am loving your layouts, I
have been taking careful note lately and am really going to try some with a bit more 'excitement' in them.

B x

Nemo said...

What a nifty idea to scrap your blog! Has anyone done that before I wonder?
I especially like the way you have multi-layered the photos on the "Greymatter" layout and the simple but decorative embellishments. Love it all x x x

debby4000 said...

Brilliant layouts, love how you laid out the photos in the Greymatter. Is that bubble wrap background in the In the Zone.