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Thursday, 20 August 2009

The finished article!

Long post this one - sorry, but I was so pleased that I finally managed to finish my holiday mini-book that I just had to share it with you!
Here are a selection of the pages, definitely not all as there were about 40 in the end and I don't think blogger would have coped with that at all!

I have a few other LO's to share with you but I think I will wait after this mega session.

Nothing much to report from the house of monkey. I had a day off today because I am working all weekend, and unsurprisingly the weather was pants!!! I did decide to walk home from work in the sunshine yesterday, not sure how far it is but a good couple of hours walk. I did enjoy a lovely Magnum on the way and took some pics of the river on my phone which I will share too if they are any good.

Oh Oh I forgot - not sure how I could..............BM booked a holiday for us for next year. We are off to Majorca for a lovely week in the sun, so I now have about  319 days to get my pale overweight scrapping shaped flesh into something I am not ashamed to put in a bikini!! Now I just need to look for one of those cool countdown clocks to add to my blog too!

Off to gorge myself on the sexy Simon Baker in the Mentalist finale now.
Enjoy my trip to Devon.


Nemo said...

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's fabulous! x x x

Helen said...

Wow great mini book !!!!