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Sunday, 1 November 2009

All Saints Day!

A little late posting these but was at the country nest yesterday and wasn't able to upload them. We went to some great local fireworks and did a quick trick or treat stroll afterwards, so these were a bit rushed otherwise I wouldn't have got any photos at all!

I spent the afternoon by myself today as the monkeys went of to watch some bangor racing, and so took myself out to Sheffield Park for some autumnal photography. Sadly when I got there it was closed but I did spend a few pleasant minutes chatting to some other photographers who had found some fabulous toadstools in the car park. I then went to Wakehurst Place and managed a few shots but the recent rough weather meant that most of the gorgeous golden leaves were on the floor and so came away disappointed.

My arrival at home was met with a frenzy of excitement from Harry and Wills who seemed very pleased that I had returned. A few minor tweaks to their cage and some raison scooping, a newly installed litter tray and a wheel and then they both fell asleep!

All in all a fairly quiet but pleasant weekend, but even better - I have got tomorrow off too so I can get some scrapping done - hurrah!


Lynda said...

Great photo's Sarah - love the pumpkin!

Lynda xxx

Nemo said...

What a fantastic pumpkin! Great photos too. Sad about the lack of colourful autumn leaves :-(

Polly said...

Wow - look at that amazing pumpkin. I was quite pleased with myself that I'd done something out of the ordinary (a slightly lopsided cat face) but you've totally outdone me!

brenda said...

Fantastic punpkin, pleased you had a good weekend and some autumn pictures.

Been doing the same but I really don' think the colours are as vibrant as last year - my hubby tells me it's to do with the starch content in the tree this year due to the lack of rain ! Who am I to question.

B x

Louby said...

sounds like you had a lovely weekend - love the halloween shots and that pumpkin is fabulous... very arty.
Louby x