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Monday, 30 November 2009

Close encounters!

Hello all, excuse the very blurry pic but I was shaking with fear and the creatures were all moving too, but as you can see Wills was very brave and even managed to kiss Riley on the nose and survived to tell the tale!!

Have been so busy, no scrapping, no enthusiasm just loads of grief from the departed trying to sort out a few final details before we both move on. The numerous texts are beginning to really wear me down now and I have seen a side to them that makes me more sure than ever that I have made the right decision!

Having said that have just had a fabulous weekend with friends and dogs and fresh air and walks and Harry and Wills got to come too which was just fantastic! They are both doing well, and give me much love and joy! We have had some marvelous adventures as they explore the sofa and environs, and never fail to make me laugh. Wills has discovered my handbag on the chair behind and likes nothing more than to rummage in it for goodies - I have now discovered why as I found a packet of nibbled mints in the bottom of it!! Also after a particularly long play date I also discovered a few things that had been removed from it and hidden behind the sofa cushions for later!!!
There must surely be some great LO ideas in amongst there if only I could summon up the mojo??
P.s Thanks for all your lovely comments and awards that I have received recently. I will get round to adding them here and thanking you all.


Emma said...

Sounds like your having a bit of a tough time of it, hope it all works out for you. Love hearing about Wills and Harry, they sound like little characters!

Louby said...

Sorry to hear your woes, glad to see you've got some loving company though.. hope you're really ok.. thinking of you and sending positive hugs your way.
Louby x
I haven't done much of anything either but have no real excuses..lol xx

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

Does sound like life is tough at the moment, whater is taking place you have to do what is right for you.

Thankfully you have your animals, they are always the best friends in the world.

B x

Polly said...

Hey Sarah - sorry to hear you've been through the wringer a bit lately but it sounds like you're coping well. It's nice to know you can always depend on your furry friends isn't it? I don't know where I'd be without my crowd.

Don't work too hard xxx

Nemo said...

Close encounters? This has all the appearances of Dangerous Liasons!