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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Late start to the week!

Well I made it into the Zone yesterday and managed four LOs I hasten to add - very pleased with myself indeed and have satisfied my creativity need for now!

I even managed to make a start on the the covers and my pages for my circle journal, although the idea I had in my head hasn't quite come out on paper iykwim??

Sadly it has all come to an end now as I have to brave the rain and head into work this afternoon, but I thoroughly enjoyed my long weekend.

Thought I'd share this as you've already see the photo of the pumpkin itself, of course it had to become a LO and I have an idea to scrap the last three years pumpkin pictures on one LO at some point? Will share some more LO's later in the week, but it is going to be a long one I fear.
see you soon


Biskit said...

fab LO Sarah!

Emma said...

that is such a cool pumpkin! and lo for that matter

Nemo said...

A batty, spooky, cobwebby, fabulous layout (I wonder where you got some of those ideas from???) Like this one a lot xxx

debby4000 said...

Oh this is brilliant, wonderful spooky details.

lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great long weekend, Sarah. I love all your Layouts, you are so productive. Love the webs on the background of your pumpkin.
Hope your week isn't too strressful.