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Friday, 6 November 2009


Or in real life ............it's all going to ratshit!!!

Thought I was in for an easy if not long week this week, but boy was I wrong!!
I have worked so many hours overtime I can't work out which day it is anymore and I can't even rejoice in the weekend co's I'm working that too!!

Oh, and don't get me started about how long it took me to get home last night - about two hours!!!! And I only live about 7 miles from work!!!

I was cold and tired and hungry and burst into tears when the furries greeted me with so much enthusiasm they they fell over each other trying to climb out of the cage to come out to play! Must have meant something co's even Harry managed a cuddle for an hour and didn't poop on me once - that's a first for him!!

What with grief coming at me from every angle at the moment my furries are a source of unconditional love and comfort and don't care what time I get in from work. Bless them!

I love this LO although it doesn't show the colours very well here - the photo of it looked great but I think blogger does something funny to it and it all gets kinda dull? I managed a couple of autumny shots last weekend and have managed three LO's with them which I will share - but this is defo my fave! Not sure if they are toadstools or mushrooms but who cares they were all fun-guys?!!!


Emma said...

sounds like your going through it at the moment, hope things settle down for you

Nemo said...

Maybe the colours do appear a bit blogged but they are still extremely good looking fun-guy's - and I am pretty certain they are not mushrooms. A+ layout xxx :-)

lisa said...

Work has not dulled your sense of humour good to see, Sarah. That was one of my Dad'd favourite one liners, so I had to smile!!
Your LO is great, what stunning photos.
Sorry about having to work the weekend, I am not envious of that.
Hope it goes ok.


Louby said...

Sarah sorry to hear you're having a rough week - hope things improve over the weekend for you. Love the layout - i can smell that that damp earthy smell just looking at it ( in a good fill your lungs way)lol
Louby x

debby4000 said...

Oh this is gorgeous and you right not sure what happens once Mr Blogger gets he's hands on our creations.
Hope things settle down at work, at least you can work out what day of the week it is.
Sending hugs.

brenda said...

I missed so much this week Sara, no internet for more than two days and not really caught on on all my blogland friends, but as usual a great LO.

Such a nightmare when the days merge and it seems like one long haul, poor you.

B x