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Monday, 9 November 2009

From under the duvet!

Am pleased to say that I survived my working weekend relatively unscathed - on the work front at least. Not going talk about the rest of the raisinfest that my world has become!!

I took today off to recover, and after consuming a bottle of wine last night I was in bed by 9pm and didn't wake up today until nearly 12 o'clock. Even for a complete bed mole like me that's a long old sleep. Have to say that when I did wake I did just want to hide under the duvet for the rest of the day!!!

No chance of that though!!!
I have got to pull my finger out and finish making my Gogo Circle journal otherwise it won't be ready to post.
I've also got a birthday card to make and I want to try to work out how to upload pics from the Mac onto my Iphone. Add to that a couple of hours of furry fun and it will almost be bedtime again!!

As I mentioned the other day I did manage a couple of Autumnal pics - this is one of my faves, but now I think I want to rename the LO - "On Golden Pond" rather than just 'Golden'. May have a look at it today to see how to add the extra words.
Hope your weeks have got off to a better start. See you soon!


lisa said...

The duvet pulls now the days are colder doesn't it. Lucky you getting a lie in on a Monday.
Love the layout, that photo is stunning. I like your new title, I'm sure you'll get the extra words in. It's funny how things bug you when they're not quite right isn't it, must be the sign of an obsession me thinks!!
Enjoy your day.


brenda said...

Well Sarah, wine or no wine you still managed a brilliant LO and sounds like you deserved that lay in.

Enjoy your days off.

B x

Nemo said...

One word could sum up that wonderful LO - Magic! I particularly like the sunburst.

debby4000 said...

Stunning layout and I think the Golden title is perfect.