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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Casseroles and potty training?

So, what have I done today?
Not much actually!

I didn't manage to go into work so have used up a precious days annual leave to mooch around in my pj's again for some much needed ME time!

My copy of the last ever SI magazine arrived this morning - hugely impressed that it didn't take three weeks, and has been devoured already.

I have a lamb casserole in the oven which smells divine and a bottle of Blossom Hill cooling in the fridge. The warm spice candle is burning and it is dark outside at 5pm!!

Ooh I do feel all snuggly and Wintery if a little sad at life and its strange old ways.

On a good note the furries have been loads of fun today and I am a proud mummy that can report that Wills managed to leave his raisins in the litter tray today! He was jumping from me to his cage and then running up my arm when he ran back in and pooped in the tray!! Now I'm not sure if it's the first time he's done this , but its certainly the first time I've seen it. I thought the only raisins in the litter tray were ones I'd put in to try to train them (theirs not mine I hasten to add!!!) He was rewarded with a small segment of chocolate button for which he was very grateful and gave me a lick and a squeak to say so!

Harry on the other hand has no intention of being trained quite so easily and although has managed a few clean playdates with mummy, generally I have to have the emergency raisin spoon and tub handy for his little gifts for me? He is however becoming much less timid and although doesn't enjoy the crazy box maze mummy has made for him for extra playtime he is beginning to love his mummy!
I must try to take some more pictures of them but it is so hard as I am generally the wrong side of the camera and they move too quickly!!

Off to enjoy my cosy feast and more snuggles.

Update : Having eaten the casserole it WAS divine!!! And, being here on my own it means there is enough for my tea tomorrow too! Yummy!


Louby said...

ooohh i could smell that lamb casserole and spiced candle from here. Glad to read the potty training is going half right!! Love the layouts esp the golden one it's beautiful.

lisa said...

Hi Sarah. This time of year can be so depressing can't it. We need lots of warmth and yummy food and cosiness just to get through it!
Your layout is beautiful, that big swirl is perfect and the cut out paper looks like leaves. I must get going again, you are making my fingers itch to get my stash out.
The demise of SI is so sad, Nothing to look forward to dropping through the letterbox now!!
Enjoy your weekend if you can!


brenda said...

Hello Sarah

Been absent, sorry, megga internet problems, but everything crossed its sorted now.

I can almost smell that casserole and tase the wine - lost since devoured I know, but sounded good.

B x