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Friday, 9 April 2010

Little jaunt!

Oh I feel like I'm on holiday!!

Have just enjoyed a fabulous swim, sauna and jacuzzi at the hotel and had a lovely dinner by the marina earlier!

Who knew Ipswich would be so full of joy and relaxation ? Shame about the cow poo smell that descended everywhere at about 5pm!!
Sat in the bar with a large Tempranillo and then off to my suite for a bit of tv before bed!
Happy scrapper

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Laura said...

Hope you have fun day tomorrow! Happy scrapping xx

brenda said...

So pleased you are having a bit of 'me' time.

Sorry not been by lately, had a few problems but trying to play catch up.

B x

Julie said...

Have a fantastic time - Enjoy xxx

lisa said...

Hi Sarah.

I'm glad your having such a great time. It all sounds wonderful.
Glad you had a great time at Easter too, love your little musings!!!!