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Monday, 19 April 2010

Awards and some trivia!

A little while ago I was given the Ms Brightside award by Anna (thank you Anna).

It meant I had to share ten things that made me happy, and five bits of trivia about myself.

I thought long and hard about this and so, in no particular order are the ten things that make me happy.................. (excuse the fact that the photos aren't in the same order as the list, blogger lost some during uploading and I had to reload them!!)

1. Camping. Just being outdoors is such an adventure! All that fresh air.

2. Photography (and scrapping) I love that mine has improved since I started scrapping, as has my scrapping style.

3. Travel. Anywhere, everywhere, even different places in the UK - it always gives me a buzz to go somewhere new.

4. My lovely Ralph. No longer with us but I still think of him all the time. He was my best friend!

5. Fish n chips - but only when by the sea. That's when they taste the best!

6. My job. It frustrates me no end most of the time but I wouldn't do anything else!

7. My little car. It's so much fun!

8. London. Its a great city to live in for trillions of reasons.

9. Big cats. Any big cats but especially Tigers!

10. Harry n Wills. They are my little superheros and bring me such joy!

Five random facts????

1. I have a strange passion for boxes, especially decorative boxes, but any boxes really. I really love those little ones that look like old fashioned travel cases, or treasure chests. My flat would be full of them if I had the room!!!

2. I ran around Ireland in 2005 - for their Special Olympics World Games. We ran through 42 towns in five days and it was just the most amazing experience and one I will never forget. I am hoping to go one better than this soon though but watch this space....?

3. I long to own a quaint little cottage with sunny conservatory for scrapping in and share it with my dogs and cats. (Think quaint cottage like in the film ' The Holiday')

4. I don't like prawns and won't eat them, except in a prawn cocktail!!

5. I once arrested Batman!!
(well he was actually a father for justice in costume but that doesn't sound so funny!!)

Hope I haven't bored you, hope you had a great weekend, I am finally going in the Zone today as I am not back to work til tomorrow - yippee!

I'm not going to pass this on specifically to anyone but if you are a follower or someone I follow - you are all fab and deserve it so please help yourself and play along.



lisa said...

Hi Sarah. You are so active you put me to shame. Good luck for your new venture whatever it may be!!
I love all your facts and agree that fish and chips definitely taste the best at the seaside!!
Have a great week.


Anna said...

Fascinating! And I love every single one of your LOs. Thanks for taking the time to do the list.
Hope you've enjoyed your day off :)

Lean said...

That is a big list hihihi lovely lay-outs great to see.Thanks for sharing.
bye bye,Lean.

debby4000 said...

Oh these are all brilliant and what a great way to show ten things you love.

Ifa said...

I love your lists, I was most impressed with the running ( I can't even run 100m ) till I saw you arrested Batman LOL...that really made my day ( not because of the father for justice but just so funny ).

Judith said...

Well done!
wow your LO's are all fantastic you are an inspiration. x

Mole said...

I love your LOs and style - just fab!