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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Outside the box!

Hey Blogland, apologies for not having stopped by for a while, been too busy relaxing by the seaside for a long Easter weekend.

How was yours? Good I hope?

The boys and I had a fabby time down at Grannywens.
She and I spent two days playing on an internet game??? (We have become somewhat addicted and it isn't Farmville before you ask.) We went shopping for some new clobber, bought a new holiday cottage for the ratties and spent two days scrapping!
As my little fun car was packed to the hilt with the ratties and ALL their luggage, photography equipment - which I didn't end up using, and me - there wasn't much room for my scrapping stuff so I limited myself to taking all my Gogo kits which are neatly stored in poly bags and a few Bella Boulevard sticker sheets.
It's amazing how creative you become when your stash is limited!!!
"But you've got all the stuff you need right in front of you," wailed Grannywen after finishing one LO to my six!!!
We are in your house Grannywen - with all your cupboards of stash tucked away upstairs - with so much stuff you've forgotten what you've got!! I've just brought a handful of stuff to keep me going but still managed ideas - you just have to think outside of the box!!

As you can see I've gone and had a 'little musing' made for me and the boys - I love it!! I've even had it printed onto a mug and now use it at work! You can check out the fabby SJ here!

The boys are fine. Harry developed a strange squeak whilst we were away?
Very odd!
They were ok travelling down, but upon arrival, everytime I picked him up, or Wills groomed him or he walked anywhere - he squeaked!? He was like a funny squeaky toy and I really thought he'd got a hurty somewhere from fighting with Wills or something. I tried to examine him - but he squeaked! I was all set to visit the vet again on our return but having let the boys rampage on the sofa while I unpacked the car (it's the same for all mummies I know!!) I thought I would have another look.
I picked him up. Squeezed him. Ruffled his sides. Flipped him over and goggled his tummy and nether regions - not a word!!
Not a pip let alone a squeak! It seems to mysteriously disappeared and seemed only to have been put on for effect whilst we were away?? Harry the drama queen?
Wills of course was impeccably behaved and super cute as always - providing many super sweet photo ops - none of which I managed to capture!
We are back at home and back to work now - boo, but lots of lovely LO's to share with you and even a little card.
Laters xxx


Lean said...

lovely lay-out and card...sweet image but a mis the funny pink bunny ears..hihihii.
have a great week bye bye,Lean.

Rachel said...

love your little musing so cute, glad to hear you had a great easter x

Little Musings said...

awwwwwwwwww hun! I love it! (cute cute cute!!! I am sooo glad you like your musing!!)

Anna said...

How baffling about the squeak! Glad to hear that Harry's OK and that you had a good Easter :)
Lovely LO and card ... and I like your musing too. really cute :)

debby4000 said...

Oh I love your little musing, its fab.