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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Forest GRump!!

No running today!
Or yesterday for that matter, and now I am grumpy!

Yesterday I got home too late, and today I am sooo tired its not funny.

I got up late after lying in bed for an extra hour thinking of reasons why I shouldn't go in to work and then was late for work and have felt awful all day.
Yet again I feel like I have the beginnings of a cold brewing, I have felt like this on and off for months. I take medicine, it goes away, I feel better for a few days, then it starts all over again!
It's getting boring now, and I don't want to be ill co's its my weekend to work this week so don't have time to be ill at the moment!? I don't want to be ill at all but have taken an extra day off next week and might just let it happen to get it over and done with?
I have still been cycling everyday but I was very slow today coming home and am not doing the training schedule that I planned :(

Yet another ratty LO to share. This one has been in my head for ages, based on the Mastercard add, it didn't quite come out like I planned but the idea was there and I am pleased with the pics of the boys - non blurry for a change!

Hope you are enjoying this fab spring weather.


lisa said...

Loving the Spring weather, Sarah. It just lifts your spirits and the flowers are gorgeous.
Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit under the weather, it's miserable when you're not 100%, hope it goes away really soon.
Love the LO, great pics, what does the Ad say, priceless!!
A working weekend, Boo Hoo, I shall be thinking about you, don't work too hard.


Lean said...

Love this sunny weather over here...
And i like you lay-out.
bye bye,Lean.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

love the layout chick! great blog aswell. while i'm here i thought i should let you know you won the blog candy thingy on my blog! you can email me at lovingthetraditional@gmail.com if you'd like to get in touch, thanks for commenting! xxx