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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Long weekend!

Mine starts here!
Well actually it started yesterday evening to be precise.
No more work til next Tuesday............Yippee!!

I am feeling pretty virtuous today, having kept up my cycling, yesterday to work, then to boxercise class and then home again (my thighs aren't talking to me today??), and then eating a really healthy tea and only drinking one, yes one glass of wine (wasn't so long ago I would polish off a bottle in one gulp??), today I have done my chores and tidied up. The ratty palace has been scrubbed and all tents and bedding replaced, the washing is billowing on the line and I am sat listening to the birds with the patio doors flung wide open..............bliss!

But..........I have itchy feet!
No, not some strange shower cubicle contracted infection, but the real nagging urge to DO something!
I need an adventure!
Everyone at work has been or is going somewhere at the moment. Everyone except me, and with a long weekend available and typical blighty bank holiday weather looming I really feel I want to explore somewhere new and photograph it, not least so I don't spend the rest of my days scrapping ratty pictures!!!
So, unless one of you lovely people wants a photography/scrapping partner lodging in your lounge for the weekend, I am off to check out lastminute.com!!!


brenda said...

Hi Sarah

Sheer joy a long weekend for you.

And with itchy feet and no plans I guess we can expect lots of new l/o's ? This King of the jungle one has a real retro feel to it, think it's that DP.

Thanks for your kind comments, but honestly they were really quick to make. I think because the basic shape is as it is, all you can do is work round it and there's no need to think too much outside the box - just as well for me some days !

B x

Emma said...

Oooo how lovely, you should deffo book somewhere nice for the weekend! V spontaneous and fun, I am quite envious. Cute LO too, love the zig zags

lisa said...

Hi Sarah. You go girl and find something wonderful to do with your long weekend and don't forget to tell us all about it when you get back.
I love your LO of your scrapping weekend, whatever is wrong with using lovely bits off napkins, I feel we have a lot in common. I come home with all sorts hidden in my bag and I have just cut a lovely pattern off a chocolate box which will find it's way into something!! Not that you would be eating choccies with your healthy regime, you put me to shame.
Enjoy whatever you do.