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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sporty Saturday!

I went into work today!

Yes - on my day off!!

No, I didn't actually go in to work, I went to use the gym and be put through my paces by a chum who is helping me get fitter. I am applying for a role which involves passing a high level on the running bleep test - shuttle runs where you run back and forth in progressively shorter times. I did ok but need to work on my breathing a little bit!

I cycled home, did a bit of flat cleaning, and was thrilled to find that my Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas book had FINALLY arrived, so I sat in the garden and read it cover to cover! That along with my latest yummy kit that Grannywen forwarded on to me and I will be off to the Zone shortly, full of ideas?

Will leave you with this LO that I made whilst at Grannywens at Easter. It is all about the lost hours and coins we spent when playing SuperPoke Pets - our new addiction! I wanted it to be bright and funky and used up some leftovers from my Scrapagogo kit and a few other embellies.

Enjoy the sunshine


Lynda said...

Very colourful! Will have to check this game out!

Love Lynda xxx

Grannywen said...

Beware! SuperpokePets tends to be addictive! If you click on the "Adopt a Pet" button below Sarah's 2010 Slideshow you will be taken direct to the site - but you can only see what happens there if you 'adopt' a pet of your own.

A great layout Sarah! xx

Anna said...

Great fun and funky layout!
Running, cycling and cleaning? I feel exhausted just reading about it all ... :D