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Sunday, 25 April 2010

..............and relax!

I can't believe that this was only a few weeks ago, but having just worked at least 40 out of the last 48 hours it feels like a lifetime ago and it was certainly the only time recently that I have done any spring cleaning!!

As previously documented (oh dear, I have spent too many hours at work!!?) I thoroughly enjoyed the GoGo Springclean event and wanted to make a page filled with colour and fun to represent the great time I had! I used bits and pieces left over from the days classes as well as some of the stash I bought from the shop. I even used a couple of little birds from our afternoon tea/cake napkins - I don't care that the girls laughed at me for saving it!??

Having done nothing remotely interesting recently, (nothing I can share here anyway), I will have to leave you with this for now, hope you've all had a fab weekend - I am off to catch up on your blogs, grab a decent meal and then will probably fall asleep on the sofa!


brenda said...

Hi Sarah

I am feeling really guilty, I saw you comment on Lynda's post and thought I'd not been by lately.

And I have missed three posts the last week, I realldy am sorry, but just don't remember seeing them on my dashboard thingie.

All that said I was in hospital for a coupler of days, but still thought I had caught up. Anyhow, I have now. I must do better in future !!

B x

Lean said...

Yes we scrappers can use everything and i mean every THING!!!!!Lovely lay-out you made.
have a nice week,Lean.

Lynda said...

It certainly IS colourful and a great reminder of a fantastic weekend.

Love Lynda xxx