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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

New Beginnings and Sad Endings!

Everyone seems to have had a great weekend, especially Sj and the gang - have you seen that tea party? Brilliant!!

After a few computer hitches I can finally share my weekend, excuse the long post but I am a few days behind.....

Well, my little bruv got married and it went a little something like this.......................
........he arrived in style, roof down as the weather was glorious!

.....although Grannywen had a spot of bird poo removing to do!!!  

I got the other side of the lens for a brief moment - just to prove I was there!!!!!

The button holes arrived and were affixed to the right people.

And we sat and waited nervously (no, not really) in the church for the Bride to arrive.

She was only slightly late and the ceremony passed without a hitch.

 and they all lived happily ever after so we danced for joy at such a happy day!!

The Bride and Groom travelled to the reception at the country house hotel in style and my enjoyment of the day was enhanced with a ride in this too

We enjoyed champagne and canapes on the lawn and larked about for photos

some of us more than others - really got into the swing of things!!!

There were some sweet, romantic moments

And it was all rounded off nicely with delicious food, speeches, new friends, good company, dancing and best of all......cake!!! (the little choccy ones were yummy!)

It was the perfect day for a lovely couple and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Sadly my weekend did not stay so jolly!
Beloved little Wondercar was booked in for some repair work to get her through her MOT

Everything looked good and it seemed that it wouldn't cost as much as I had dreaded to get the work done.
But then, shock, horror, the phonecall came through that said she was beyond help and was to be written off! 
I cried and cried - I love little Wondercar!
To many people this will seem an over reaction beyond all proportion, but to me this is devastating news!!
  Wondercar is my pride and joy and one of the few things in my life that give me joy and make it seem bearable when I'm alone and trying to get through the day. I don't have anyone to hug me at the end of a crappy day, or a cute cottage in the country, but I had my Wondercar and she and I had some great adventures. She is part of what makes me - me, and now without her, aside from the fact that I am now stranded without wheels, (with no funds to replace them in any shape or form) and my independance gone, I feel like another part of me has been stripped away. I can't really describe it, but those who know me will know how gutted I am!
Grannywen kindly lent me her car to come home, but I felt numb driving up the M3 as I melted into the bland drone of normal-car-ness and felt myself blend into nothing amongst the other road users. With all that has happened this year I am not sure I know who I am anymore? There's really not much of the old me left??!
Forgive me - I am still in mourning and will be for some time!


lisa said...

What a beautiful Bride and Groom, Sarah, they look absolutely gorgeous and very happy. Your day sounds fab!!! Love the dress and that CAKE!!!! Wow!!!
But ohhh your poor, poor car. How many knocks can one girl take, I think you've had your far share this year already. Get saving girl and get some more wheels equally "you". They say folk are not buying new wheels so go and charm so poor car salesman into a good deal!!!
Sending your big big hugs my friend.

Mole said...

Lovely photos there, it's clear you all had a great time. Sorry you've had to say farewell to your car, and understand in part (I am not so sentimental about my wheels LOL) but look, this too will pass, and there will be new things ... and maybe new wheels in the not too distant future? Hope things look up for you now .....