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Friday, 4 June 2010


Expensive month for me that is!!


It's a good job that my job gives me the (frequent) opportunity to earn some overtime!

But then boy do I work for it, double shifts, quick changes, no sleep, it's not at all how the media report that we get paid for 4 hours for making a phone call 5 mins after our shift ends!

I wish!!

Anyhoo, asides from MOT being due for the wondercar in two weeks and lots of welding needing to be done to keep her on the road for another year - ouch! Trusty bike also had to go to the cycle doctor today, and ended up needed a new gear cartridge thingy and a new chain!
Another ouch!

I can't grumble co's it was hideous having to go to work on the bus this morning and even worse coming home, three hours later than planned as a new job had come in! If it hadn't been for having to leave to collect my bike this evening I would probably still be at work now at half past ten!! I so love cycling to work these days - it's worth the money!

As it was, I spent an hour on the phone dealing with another job whilst I looked forlornly on as my fresh Terriyaki chicken slowly cooled on my kitchen worktop!!!!
All I can say is that Harry and Wills enjoyed the cold beans!!
I lost my appetite after that and had to console myself with some Colin the Caterpillars!! Luckily Harry doesn't like those and Wills was half asleep by then, stuffed full of green beans!

Am planning a lazy weekend in the garden and some scrapping, a few more Mojitos to keep me cool and those creative juices flowing!!
I daren't go out - can't afford to now!


brenda said...

Morning Sarah

One here who can identify with all you say and knows that you more that work for your keep with endless hours at the sharp end.

I hope you manage a relaxing weekend, they say today is goining to be very hopt - typical that I have an all day class, but I know it will be fun.

B x

Julie said...

What a great LO - Love green.
Enjoy the sunshine this weekend and cant wait to se what you create with your scrapping time.
Take Care Hun - Ju xx

Lean said...

great lay-out love the colours.
have a sunny weekend,lean.

Lynda said...

Enjoy your non-expensive weekend! I'm going to do the same lol. Love the layout - it's very colourful.

Love Lynda xxx