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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The early bird........

.......catches the worm or so they say................that would be great if you liked Tequila, but as my current addiction is for the Mojito that's not quite so good, and "The early bird catches the lime", doesn't have quite the same ring to it does it???

I have to say, the only, the ONLY good thing about getting up at sparrow fart for a frosty cycle to work is that it means on lush sunny days like today I get to come home at 3pm and sit in the garden and enjoy said quickly put together Mojito whilst lapping up the last few hours of sunny rays - yummy!

All I needs now is an ice crusher and a cocktail shaker, (yep 70's girl thru and thru!!) and my Mojito on the patio would be perfect.
Maybe I could add them to my wedding list if I ever make one??

Anyways, todays toil passed uneventfully and now here I sit, having managed to photograph my mini scrapathon, and am enjoy the birdsong, yummy cheesy profiterole nibbly things from Waitrose, aforementioned cocktail and I feel like I am Queen of the world - shame I have to go to work tomorrow really?

This LO was made rather hastily last night after Grannywen sent me the pic in response to my Busy Bee LO the other day.
Didn't realise I'd been caught in action, but will repay the compliment in LO form as soon as I have thought of a suitable title!!

By the way, do you like my little pencil case?
Part of my stash from Paperchase the other week but it rather niftily now houses all my camera extras - batteries and memory cards etc.

Fab don't you think?

Well enjoy the rest of your evening, am off to refill my glass!

hugs xxx


Rachel said...

love that pencil case, i need one for my crochet hooks, but i do only have 2 but have misplaced one because i dont have a pencil case lol

Polly said...

Oooh jealous, I want to sit in the sun with a mojito.

Those little bees on your layout are SO cute - I'm sucker for smiling insects!

GrannyWen said...

What a good photo!!! Even if I do say so myself!

debby4000 said...

Oh what a brilliant layout, love it.

brenda said...

So you are into the Mojito's then Sarah.

I'm a Daquari girl myself, but doesnt pay to be too fussy does it and take whateverts on offer.

B x