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Sunday, 27 June 2010

A slow roast!

By which I mean me, sat in the garden and desperately trying to turn my legs the same rich brown that my arms seem to be at the moment!! I was very good and wasn't sat doing nothing, I've been cutting out elephants all day!!
Cutting what? I hear you ask.
Well yesterday my chum invited me along to the Royal Chelsea Hospital where the Elephant parade herd are squatting for the weekend. He knew I wanted to get some pics of them and so off we went, camera in hand and shot away! They looked fabulous on parade....

although there were a lot of people there so it was quite hard to get a shot of all of them as they were hidden behind the people. 

I didn't photograph them all as to be honest I didn't like the way some of them painted, but these have got to be some of my faves....

Just need a bowl of cream??

Need I say more???

This little cutie came all the way from Poole, near where I grew up and I followed her progress on her blog!

So colorful and happy!

I even got to whizzy trip to Westfield shopping centre where all the indoor elies are grazing and got a few pics of those too. I have now cut out about 40 of them and they are coming to a LO near you soon!!

The LO today is another of me as a littley, always had matching shoes and handbag - still do!! Enjoy!


As a final point, if YOU are still reading this blog to be nosey about my life (and YOU know who YOU are) please go away and stop leaving me sarcastic comments which I have to delete.
Isn't it about time you got on with your own life!!!?


Lean said...

Hi lovely lay-out of little you and macthing things is a girl thing..i think.
byebye have a nice week,Lean.

Julie said...

What a cute LO and I love the elephants - how sweet are they :)
Take Care - Ju xx

lisa said...

Aren't these Ellies gorgeous. You get some great things going on near you. I can see why you wanted to photograph them. I like the seaside one best. They remind me of the Elmer the Elephant story. Can't wait to see the LO you do Sarah.
Glad you've managed to enjoy the sunshine, it's been gorgeous today hasn't it and I love your little LO. You were obviously a very well brought up young lady!! Those pearly swirls are yummy.
Have a good week.
Hugs Lisax

lisa said...

Hi, just me again.
You can grow anything in a pot, believe me, I do. Wisteria's are brilliant 'cos they're not fussy. Just make sure it's quite a big one and buy a small Wisteria that you can make into a standard and keep trimmed. It'll look brilliant. I've had mine for years. I've got one over an arch too that's planted in the garden but it never looks as good.
Hugs Lisax

Emma said...

Those elephants are fantastic, they will look fabulous on a LO, look forward to seeing it soon!