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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Nesting, and from the garden!!

Isn't wifi wonderful??
I love that I can sit in the garden and squint at the screen of my laptop and reach out to you lovely people whilst enjoying this heatwave !
And...for once I can actually enjoy is as I am NOT working, have nowhere particular to be and can just........sit!!
It's rather fab!

Having said that, I was off yesterday too and had the urge to get down to Homebase to purchase some little plants for pots on my patio. I bought some lavender, a small pink rose , some begonias and a lily - they look lovely and the lavender smells divine! 
 I also got the urge to buy some little tester pots and have now painted a wall in my lounge green - as a feature. It's only a small wall so it only took 3 tester pots to do it but it looks fab! I am going to re arrange some of my pictures, add some new green cushions to my sofa to replace the ones that Harry n Wills have munched, and voila - new lounge!

I decided that if I am going to spend so much time in it due to lack of vehicle I would have a revamp as I have been here nearly 4 years and magnolia is just so dull.........feeling that merging into blandivity again!!

I also ended up buying a new bookcase, which involved moving furniture around to fit it in, and a serious tidy up of the Zone!! It was much needed, both as a measure to stop all my stash oozing across the floor and also to prevent young Harry frolicking in it on his evening adventures!?

I am very pleased with the end result, makes the room look huge, but that may be because you no longer have to carefully step between the mounds of paper and stash on the floor, the picket fence and other ratty toys!!

I now have two days to just sit and relax.
Enjoy your weekend too

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lisa said...

Hi there you decadent person, 3 tester pots to paint a wall, Wow, you can come and decorate for me. Photos please when the new look is complete.
Great minds!!! We went to B&Q today, no sun here, cloudy and muggy(and now 10.45pm pouring with rain) so not sitting out weather and I found a gorgeous wallpaper for our bedroom (Duckegg blue with large pearly cream seedheads). In fact it would be perfect for scrapbooking too. My SIL is brilliant at decorating and uses amazing wallpaper for feature walls so she's taught me to be braver with what I choose.
Love your LO, it seems to incorporate all the things you've posted, green paint and lovely flowers and strawberries. Great photo too.
Sorry I've waffled a bit tonight.
Have a good Sunday.
Hugs Lisax