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Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Not sure if I have shared this one with you, and am running out of new LO's to share as I haven't made any new ones lately!!
The elephants I cut out on Sunday are still parading across the table in the Zone, as it seems I cut far too many and now I can't choose which ones to use and how to use them on the LO!!
The idea I originally had in my head seems to have flown, or melted away in the lovely weather we are still having!??

Harry and Wills are not enjoying the heat so much I think? It seems to make Wills sleepier and Harry is now running riot around the flat trying to find new cool not-allowed spots to hide in! The picket fence is all but decoration now as he has learnt to either head butt it and crawl underneath or just run at it and jump over the top!!
The latest casualty is my NEW set of fairy lights that I bought to replace the last ones he chomped!!!

I have a little paddling pool for them which Harry loves to fish frozen peas and sweetcorn out of but Wills runs back behind a cushion to hide from it!! We tried it in the garden when visiting Grannywen and it seemed a good idea at the time? We've tried it indoors but it's not so much fun!!

Enjoy whatever you are doing to keep cool


Lean said...

lovely page and i like the colour orange i wonder why?????lol.
Bye bye,lean.

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

Pleases to see the boys are still up to their normal antics.

Sorry it's been a while since I visited, but only just feeling well enough again.

B x