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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The one about the circus

So, how was your weekend?
I am pleased to have survived another two shifts of weary tales involving too much alcohol and some rather strange selective memories. It wasn't a quiet weekend but neither was it too griefy, as usual it was a bit of a circus!!!
Of course I would have much rather been doing something fun and scrappy, ideally still at the dining room table with Grannywen by my side, but hey ho - life doesn't go like that does it?
I did manage to make several LO's whilst I was there, but have not seen any daylight since my return so have not been able to photograph them for you yet - will share soon, promise.
Nothing much to report.
 Life is pretty dull at the moment, probably a good thing, but I long for some sunny skies and an adventure.
The twins are fine, the break in the country seems to have done them some good, although they are behaving like typical teenage boys at the moment - raucous and full of testosterone!! It's quite amusing but they are so damn quick there are no chances to grab a photo or two, so no scrapping ideas on that horizon! :(
Today's LO is just a random one from my walk on the Heath last summer. I adore those felt circle flower thingies that I got from Anna's Make and Create shop - I don't have the patience to make anything like that, am so glad she puts them in her kits!!
Right off to check out what you have all been up to over the weekend.


Anna said...

I love how you used the kit on this fun and bright layout Sarah, would it be ok to use it on my blog? Thanks for the link!
Have a good week!xx

Lean said...

ooo clever twins i read and you made a beautiful page ..i love your details and colors.

Sarah said...

Love the layout, the bright colours work well with the picture! Hope you had a good weekend!

jannekevanveen said...

i love it

lisa said...

Another bright and typically "you", LO, Sarah, I love your style.
Have a good week.
Hugs Lisax