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Friday, 18 February 2011

Time for a break!

Hello everyone, hope you have all had a good week?

As usual work ruled mine to an extent, although we did have a fantastic result with a trial at court  - guilty verdicts all round!  Hurrah!   Us -1   Bad guys - 0
And just for a change, my last shift yesterday finished several hours later than it should have, but hey, cycling home thru the city in the wee hours gives it a wholly different perspective!
I quite like it!
Anyway, back to the Zone, after a good scrappy session last weekend I haven't managed to get back in there this week, although that may change tomorrow. Am off out to the pub with the girls tonight and then am having a relaxing weekend before heading off to visit Grannywen next week for a few days.

I often have a little trip planned this time of year for a treat, but as I want to go back to the States later in the summer, I am holding out and holidaying nearer to home instead. With all the recent stuff I don't want to go off without the twins at the moment anyway - they are still not settled properly. Maybe a visit to the seaside will chill them out too?

Todays LO features little ol' me at my step brothers wedding last year.  It was a big deal for me, my first big event after the hideousness of the beginning of the year, and I was beginning to feel ok with myself. Of course looking as good as I was feeling was all about getting the right dress - luckily Monsoon came to rescue about a day before and off I went to the ball!! It was a fabulous day!
Have a great weekend


Lean said...

You look beautiful in your lovely dress and made a stunning lay-out ..great papers to!
have a great weekend byebye,Lean

Lynda said...

Oh Sarah what a lovely layout and I adore those flowers! I know this will seem very sad but there's some flowers like this on the wallpaper in one of the houses on Emmerdale and I love it - I knew there had to be something out there similar lol.

Have a fun weekend and a lovely little break next week.

Love Lynda xxx

lisa said...

Hi Sarah.
I love the way you scrap photos of yourself and so you should. This is a beautiful photo. The princess did go to the ball as my daughter would say.
Hope you enjoy your few days away.
Hugs Lisax