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Sunday, 20 February 2011

What have I done???? *** Health warning *****

This post is not for the squeamish or those easily frightened!!!

This LO is one I promised Sheena back in October of last year!
She made some lovely  comments about how I looked when we were at the Getaway and despite my protests refused to believe that I didnt wake up looking how I do!!
Bizarrely chums at work have also made the same sort of comments too, so much so that one comedian announced to the office that it was because I wear a wig, apparently there was no way I could cycle in to work every day and have my hair look so perfect every day!!
 Of course this lead to all sorts of wild suggestions about me keeping it (my wig) on the end of my bed and being completely bald etc etc, all of which were taken with the humour they were meant!

I feel the need to put the record straight, and am well aware that we are a long way off Halloween, so look away now if easily unnerved............................................

Scary huh????

This post is brought to you with laughs on the day after the one that I get yet another year older and scarier!


Lynda said...

PMSL Sarah - what a fab post and I've got to say you're not quite as scary as me first thing on a morning. I'm still chuckling!!! and will be all day now. Thanks for that one!

Love Lynda xxx

Meg said...

This is pretty scary!!!

jannekevanveen said...

lovely colors i love it hugs Janneke

lisa said...

Brilliant Sarah. What a picture, although it's not as scray as you might think. You have nothing on me first thing in the morning!! and I'm not likely to share that with anyone except my neareast and dearest!!
If I understand you I think a Birthday may have crept in there somewhere, if so Many Happy Returns.
Hugs Lisax

debby4000 said...

Oh this is brilliant Sarah, I love the humour.

brenda said...

Hello Sarah

Just to say hello, I'm still not up to blogging 'proper' but hopefully soon will be.

B x

Sheena said...

Sarah x
This is fabulous, I wasn't sure you would scrap it.
But it doesn't change the fact you always look glamourous when out & about x