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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sundays are for.................

Scrapping of course!!
Although Saturday could have fallen into that category quite nicely too as I made two LO's yesterday, or it it three if one of them is a double pager???

Am having a relaxing weekend at home recovering from my nights and yes, I did manage to stay awake all day on Thursday. Was in bed fast asleep by 8pm though! 
Normally I am a night owl and DON'T do mornings but this weekend my body clock as gone a bit peculiar and I have been up and shuffling about the net in my pj's by about 7am!! That's unheard of by me usually. I'm only up this early if I have gone somewhere on an adventure or am at work!!!

No adventures this weekend as my car is overdue its MOT, and although it was quite sunny for most of yesterday, the rain looks much more imminent today! Another day in the Zone beckons and there's nothing wrong with that!
So, this LO, a bit tongue in cheek, but then how else do you scrap random pictures of stone frogs in a pond?
Not sure what blogger is up to though - seems to have washed out all the colours again???


Emma said...

Love that lo Sarah! Lots going on!

lisa said...

It sounds like a perfect weekend to me, Sarah. The weather is definitely unsummery isn't it!!
Love your LO, the colours are great.
Hugs Lisax

Judith said...

Loving the colours on your Lo.
Cant say I like frogs, I do however love your bunting x

Uhooi said...

Waw,, This card is very good, creative and very interesting,,