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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Just popping by to say hullo

Hello all, how are you this weekend? Is it still raining with you or have you escaped it for a few hours?
Its been a mixed bag of weather here in London, obviously only choosing to pelt it down each time I had to step outdoors, so I decided not to venture out but to sit and watch several hours of CCTV instead!
Fun huh?
No, not really!  :(
It's amazing how your eyes begin to boggle when watching it - doesn't happen when I stare at a film for an hour or two - odd that!
I have found a couple of LO's that I seem to have forgotten to share with you, this one about the chums hanging off my camera bag who travel the world with me. There should be a little dog from Hungary but his string fell off so he sits in the Zone and scraps with me instead!!
There are two little chaps hiding under the Zone as we speak, but I can hear ripping and tearing paper so I'd better go and rescue my stash before the twins fashion some special ratty ripped paper embellishments for me???
catch up with you soon


Lean said...

this is so coooool love it yummie details and a sweet picture.

Meg said...

What a lovely idea to scrap your travel chums.
How about doing a layout all about ratty embellishments? (the ones that were made specially for you!)

FabĂ­ola said...

I loved your blog, and your layers !!
I'm brazilian and I wanna make international friends !