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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Squirrels on Saturday and other tails

Hello peeps! How did it get to be Saturday again so soon?
I think this week passed in a blur of work (just for a change) and now here I am at Grannywen's in what is turning into a very expensive weekend!!
Yesterday was Grannywen's birthday so the the twins and I set off very early in the morning so we had time for an M3 Starbucks coffee and a trip to the flower shop. They weren't very impressed being bundled into the car at 0630 I can tell you! 
We arrived in good time and then due to recent snuffles from Barney's nose I decided a trip to the vet would be in order. An injection and some scratches later, the twins weekend has just turned into a two week visit with granny for some follow up visits to the vet!!
Then the adventure mobile had to go for her MOT, and this has lead to more ££££'s as she failed on a couple of things and so her weekend has now also turned into a longer stay with granny whilst Papajohn works his mechanic magic!!!
In the meantime I sat in the conservatory and indulged in my favourite FREE pastime - photographing the wildlife! There's plenty to see in the back garden but the little squiggles are by far my favourite.
 There were two, a boy and a girl and they were both very agile and determined to eat the birds nuts!  Unlike me - agile is not a word I would use to describe myself, but as you can see from todays LO - I am trying!!!
Then after a lovely meal out to celebrate Grannywens birthday it was time for bed!

Toodlepip! xxx

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Lynda said...

Love your layout Sarah and the piccies of the squirrels are fantastic. I had a cake break in aid of the MS Society earlier this week and when I took my takings (£226.55) to the Local Branch Treasurer I was entranced by the squirrels and birds in his garden it was magical - loved it. So much better than watching the TV.

Love Lynda xxx