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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Feelin' blue

I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment, am feeling decidedly down and don't know why or what to do???  Work is ok, no probs there, the adventure car is back on the road - just have to go and collect it at the weekend, but I am missing the twins and it's lonely here without them!!!

Nothing much to report, am signed up on Queen Kirsty Wiseman's Me in my Moleskin class and although I missed most of the class last night and don't have any yummy spray inks to play with I am looking forward to getting stuck in with it - I do think it will have lots of very personal comments in it and they may make me cry!! I am looking forward to getting messy  with paints and techniques though!!?

Odd LO today - never understood why there is a tourist info box at Crown Court - I mean who goes there on a day trip?? Makes me giggle every time I see it!!

Toodlepip  xx


Lean said...

This is a cool page and your others are cool to...i hope you are ok now.

Louise said...

oooh you have been busy, love how you've created a page about your laundry and i'd say thats a strange place to have a tourist box too....It's not nice feeling blue, hoping things will pick up for you soon xx

Lynda said...

Crown Court wouldn't be my idea of a good day out either! A great topic to record though! Hope the low mood lifts for you it's feels worse when you haven't got a valid reason for it doesn't it!

Love Lynda xxx

Anita said...

Hello fellow classmate. I've just started to fill in my Moleskine, although I don't have a lot of the stuff Kirsty used, I'm sure we can use alternates. Can't wait to see yours and everyones creations.
Thanks for becoming a follower.
Anita x

lisa said...

I hope I never have to have a day out at Crown Court!!! I love the quirky things you create layouts of, Sarah.
It's funny how we get low moods for no good reason isn't it. I hope you are feeling happier now and are having a good weekend.
Hugs Lisax

Buzzard Girl said...

This layout is lush!
I know this post was a few weeks ago so hope you are feeling a bit brighter about things x