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Saturday, 23 July 2011

The one about the date!!

Well, thats what I think he meant? 
Surely if a guy asked you to go to see a film and a photography exhibition that's a date right??
Stupidly I made a comment on FB as I was sooooo excited and it went a bit viral with people I know all round the world commenting on it - that's how rare it is to use the 'd' word in my world!!!

Now of course the same people keep asking me "How did it go?"
I have to ignore them or admit - it hasn't - yet!!
Now I feel a bit of a fool??
I'm sure it will happen, I know he's a bit busy this weekend, I just have to be patient right?
Lets face it, if its meant to be it will happen and I have waited a long long time to be in the right place at the right time. He asked colleagues for my number when I was off work and if he wasn't interested then he wouldn't have bothered right?
Watch this space but I am hoping that...........


1 comment:

beksynormz said...

Aw Sarah, I'm excited for you hun...will be watching this space xxx