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Thursday, 28 July 2011

A day at the zoo!

So today I went to London Zoo!
It was a glorious day in London town, makes me proud its my home.
Of course I took hundreds of photos, some of which I had to delete, but there are loads that I am really chuffed with.
Here are some of my faves.....

I got up close and personal with all the animals, gone are the days where I try to get the whole body in a shot, but of course there were some who were by far my favourite.
These little otters were adorable

And the heron at Penguin beach stunning

The tigers are my fave in the whole world but they were too hot and sleepy today and didn't do much apart from half heartedly sniff at the ball

and snooze in the shade!

The walk thru monkey enclosure was a fun experience - lots of my pics were just a blur of yellow and had to be deleted!!

Luckily not all!

Back to the otters for feeding time. The keeper was late and they howled and mewed 'til she arrived, but were still adorable!

and hungry!

A stop for a bee (love this shot!!)

And then time to compare some meerkats.
These little guys were so cute 

I wonder which one was Aleksander?

More Big cats, snoozing

apart from a few snaps at the flies and low growls at his mate

Isn't he majestic?
You wouldn't know these were taken through glass would you???

And the wife!

Back to my babies for one last look but it was all too much for them in the heat

And then a stroll by the canal on my way home!

A perfect day!

Oh, and my date went very well thank you. 
We had a really enjoyable evening so hopefully will get to do it again soon?
Watch this space


Meg xx said...

Great photos and I love those meerkats - how cute are they?!!!
I am waiting to see how you scrap them!

Lean said...

wauw this are beautiful pictures!

Lynda said...

Glad your date went well Sarah - fab photos of the animals.

Love Lynda xxx

Anonymous said...

Date ??? Lol