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Saturday, 30 July 2011

And so, the end is nigh!

Well the end of my lovely week off anyway.
I have had a lovely week, the weather has been glorious and I have done plenty of loafing in the garden, had a couple of mini adventures, scrapped and got painty for my art journal and been to the cinema a couple of times too!

Yesterday I went to see Bridesmaids. Not many people were there at 3.15 on a Friday afternoon, so I had the cinema to myself! The film was funny, but I actually found it a lot more poignant than I expected so cried as much as I laughed!

Today I have loafed in the garden again, my last chance before returning to work on Monday - boo!
Tomorrow I am spending the day with Kirsty Wiseman on one of her fab photography tutorial days. I have gotten lazy recently with taking shots and want to reconnect with manual mode.

I thought I would have a practise with macro and close ups while I loafed, so after a fairly mediocre shot of this LO I experimented with my flowers.

This isn't one that I grew from scratch, but adds some colour to my patio,

whereas I am thrilled to bits with these - my Gladioli, which I planted as bulbs in Spring!
They are huge - as tall as me, so I had to buy some extra stakes for them and had a gardening day this week too!

And my Asian lily which I thought had died over the Winter is just as huge and is glorious in its splendour!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend?
I had a fright this morning as I hung my washing on the line and I saw a little brown bottom ambling across the lawn! I thought one of the twins (well Barney actually) had escaped, but as I walked over I found a scrawny scruffy little rattie, not one of mine, who boldly stared at me before ambling slowly away into the undergrowth!!

Will be back with some of my shots after my lesson tomorrow!


Lean said...

Beautiful page coolwork and the wheater...its bad overhere!!!

Fiona said...

Hi Sarah,
We've both been looking at each other's blogs at the same time -spooky! Yes, I really enjoyed today, it was so lovely meeting you and the other girls and would love to meet up again. If you fancy a trip to Wakehurst/Sheffied Park give me a shout. Have been reading your blog for ages and looking at your lovely travel pics. (green with envy) I'm now following!
Fiona x

Lynda said...

The colours of those flowers are amazing Sarah - especially the vibrant pinks. Wonderful layout too.

Love Lynda xxx