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Sunday, 3 July 2011


So, the adventure car is home, the twins are home and I have had a lovely day at home ! The sun was shining, well it was this morning anyway, and I have been a productive little bunny!!

After a nice lie-in I set to in the garden and pruned my hedges and reclaimed about 4 foot back on my little patio!! It took about three hours but I managed to fill three bin bags with rubbish and after a good old sweep and re-arrange I sat down and enjoyed the sun - just in time for it to go in!!!

I did some washing, sorted out some online stuff and have completed three pages of my Me in my Moleskine jounal - pics to follow later.

I did not manage to attack any of the HUGE pile of ironing, but I did put some other washing away and generally had a tidy up round my flat! Of course now, in the midst of my creative inkyness the lounge looks like a bomb has gone off in my Zone - oops!

Oh bugger - is it really Monday again already?

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