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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

One year old!!

It was the twins birthday the other day and of course we celebrated - with peas and sweetcorn - their favourite!! 
Our neighbour brought some carrot tops but 'WE' seem to be OFF carrots at the moment???

In the meantime I have flumped and fidgeted my way through the last week with a back problem of unknown origin!!?

Despite the rude comments at work about my age, sex drive, wimpishness of camping etc etc I can honestly say that it was NOT the camping that caused it!! It might have been the repacking of the tent the next day but that's all?

I had five days off work and moped about feeling very sorry for myself and uncomfortable, unable to do very much and then had a scrapping frenzy on Sunday which has whipped my mojo up to a phenominal level - that's the only thing though, my enthusiasm at struggling back into work was NOT phenominal!! Not by a long shot!!!

Oh well, its only a four day week for me and then I am off for a weeks holiday, shame the weather won't be up to doing much but at least I can scrap regardless of what it does?
Work has been eased a little by some sympathy from the office eye candy, but as he wasn't in today I am feeling very poorly again this evening???

Ha ha! Hope you like my double LO? Haven't made one for a while but am pleased with how it turned out. The photos were from a day trip out to Stourhead last Autumn.


Lean said...

Happy birthday you2 and lovely pages you have made Sarah!

Lynda said...

Lovely layouts Sarah and I can't believe the little boys are a year old already! Time certainly has flown by.

Love Lynda xxx

Buzzard Girl said...

Happy Birthday to the twins!!
Loving your layouts!