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Saturday, 7 February 2009


To make a change from the snow I thought we would go underwater today, although looking at the photos that Grannywen sent of her garden today some of us already are!
I am really pleased with this page - it took ages to do and although you can't get the full effect in the photo it is layered like decoupage with lots of little embellishments hidden throughout.
I submitted it to a magazine to be published and was excited this morning when the magazine finally landed on the doorstep. You can imagine my disappointment on looking through it not to find my layout! I know editors cuts involve this sometimes, but I was just hoping not this time as I liked this page sooo much! Also my photo of it will never do it the justice that a full glossy magazine shoot will give it!!
Oh well, enjoy my trip to the aquarium dear reader and maybe it will be my turn to be published again another day? xx

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Anonymous said...

Definitely a page with hidden depths!