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Sunday, 22 February 2009


The last few days have passed in a blur - time flies when you are having fun!

Friday was lovely - sunny and warm for the most part, and along with Grannywen and Papajohn we spent some very enjoyable time walking along the river at Christchurch, feeding the ducks and of course taking photos. After a yummy pub lunch on the quay at Mudeford we set off home.

Saturday passed in a blur of 5 and 6 year olds at a birthday party for a friends son, followed by a catch up as we haven't met up since this time last year, and a chinese takeaway for tea - yummy!

Today was quiet - if you can call the constant roar of crashing cars on the playstation quiet? Homework posters are all done and I have completed the prep required for my SP which I will take tomorrow morning in the daylight - can't put it off any longer!? 

It's back to school for small Monkey tomorrow, and off to London for a night before Big Monkey and I head off for Kent for my birthday trip. I am very excited. I have been busy stalking ebay for all the photography extras I wanted for my birthday and didn't get, and will scrap them with a page of eyelets (which I did gets lots and lots of)????  I plan to spend all of next weekend scrapping the last two weeks adventures so you will have to wait to see, I may upload some pics on the way, just to wet your appetite?
Gotta run, tea is on the table. xx

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