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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by the lovely Katie.
I've never been tagged before and have just learnt how to link people. 

I was quietly scrapping some of the photos I took at the weekend when this appeared on screen.

 I am thrilled  and a bit in awe - I don't really know anyone in blogworld but there are some fabulous ladies who both inspire me and make me laugh and cry at the same time.

I salute these super women and in turn tag you.  (Katie - if you hadn't tagged me you would be one of them!!!)

Now fabulous ladies this is what you must do......
  • Go to your photos folder in your computer
  • Go to the sixth folder
  • go to the sixth picture in that folder
  • Add that picture to your blog and add a description of it
  • Invite six friends to join in the challenge
  • Link them in your blog and let them know that they have been challenged.
My photo was taken in 2007 whilst on a camping trip to Lyme Regis with my Mum and Dad. The weather wasn't great that summer, not ideal for camping but we had a great trip and I remember this evening as it concluded with fish n chips on the quay, mum and I sharing a wooden fork to eat them!!!  xx 

1 comment:

Louby said...

Hey thanks for the tag, I did it a couple of posts ago so I'm passing on this one.It's a fun one to do though. We went to Lyme Regis a few years ago - really nice place except for the walk back up to the car park pushing a baby buggy if I remember rightly.LOL
Louby x